The Vendor's Guide To...

How To Scale a 7-Figure Online Brand With A Tribe Of Affiliates & A Flywheel Marketing Funnel.

(...Without A Huge Following Or Expensive Marketing Agency)

Grow Your Tribe & Scale Your Business

Would you like to build a tribe of affiliates to promote your product and bring you tons of high quality leads and sales every month

If the answer is YES, then keep reading...

    Right now, the smartest entrepreneurs on the internet who sell products and services are generating a consistent stream of leads and sales from one of the best traffic sources on the planet...

    …and they are doing it without cold emails, a blog, youtube channel, or paid ads.

    In fact, they are getting all of these amazing results with just a single marketing campaign.

    Here's what happened to one of our clients when they started using affiliates to scale their business... 

    +1600% growth within their first 24 months of growing their tribe.

      At NextLaunch, we’ve diagnosed and tested hundreds of acquisition strategies across the digital marketing industry over the past 8 years...

      …it turns out the 80/20 principle rings true for how the quality of traffic is distributed.

      And from our perspective, about 80% of the best results you’re going to get from traffic sources available online are going to come from 20% of the channel sources.

      We’re here to help you unlock that 20%.

      Here’s why...

      Imagine wake up seeing a stream of new Stripe notifications that you just make 100 new sales before breakfast.

      What if you could skip logging in to cold email tools, ad accounts, or email marketing software and actually have better results from your campaign?

      Any sense of stress and unpredictability has turned into confidence and excitement about what new products you could create next.

      How Would You Like To Have High Quality Traffic Flowing And Bringing In Real Customers Every Month?

        Instead of focusing on the implementation of marketing tactics, you could leverage the top affiliates in your niche to generate your traffic.

        Instead of spending time posting content on social media, you could spend your spend your time on optimizing your offer and affiliate resources.

        When you shift your focus to creating a great affiliate program, you’ll be able to...

        Save hours of time on market testing, targeting, and validation and generate warm, “ready-to-buy" traffic from your affiliate tribe

        ✅  Craft an offer that produces real value in your niche and resonates with your ideal prospects to make them motivated buy your products

        ✅  Invest more resources in running your business and building a team to scale with

          And the one question you’ll be asking once you see the potential of this strategy is...

          How can I recruit more affiliates to join my tribe?

          Because if you haven’t done affiliate marketing before, you’ve likely been up against the challenges of:

          ⛔️  Getting your ad accounts disabled 

          ⛔️  Joining the spam box with millions of other outbound sales emails

          ⛔️  Struggling to generate engagement on social media

          ⛔️  Late nights and greasy fast food trying to figure out how to make more sales

            Has it ever just felt like every growth strategy you attempted failed and you couldn’t figure out why?

            But what if you had an affiliate with years of experience battle testing acquisition strategies and growing a following of people who absolutely love their content?

            And You’re Not Just Going To Have One Affiliate Marketer, You’re Going To Have A Tribe Of Them!

            When You Have A Tribe Of Affiliates You Can Shift Your Focus To Building A Funnel That Functions Like A Flywheel Growth Engine...

            Even better… I'm going to give you the exact playbook we use for affiliate marketing and support you with installing it in your business.

            Not only that, you’ll also have...

            🔥  A streamlined software to manage and pay your affiliates when they bring you sales

            🔥   Custom affiliate tracking links that your affiliates can use to promote your offer and marketing content

            🔥   A strategic high converting funnel with that attracts leads and converts those leads into customers

              But don’t take my word for it, here’s what results our clients have seen...

              I’ve been working on marketing campaigns for hundreds of online businesses over the years.

              I’ve worked with brands including Webflow, EasyErgo, PersistIQ, FrameMaypleRevealbot, GoogleSpotify, to name a few...

              At some point in my marketing journey, I began to see a pattern...

              I started to realize that a company’s affiliate program is really the core centerpiece to a successful marketing strategy.

              Any company that wants to have a great marketing campaign across multiple channels, should start with an affiliate program before doing anything else.

              It turns out that by focusing on working with affiliates in the beginning, you're able to build momentum for your product and get traction without doing the heavy lifting of generating traffic.

              It's also much easy to reach out to a marketer about a partnership, instead of pitching your offer directly to your target prospect.

              I started seeing a huge increase in reply and engagement rates just by focusing on affiliates, instead of cold prospects.

              Back in 2017, I joined a startup in San Francisco and started running their Google ads...

              These were the days before Google changed their interface and it was the old school version...

              The company was in the real estate niche and we focused on advertising in the local area...

              But we quickly realized that the CPCs are incredibly high and we had a difficult time creating a profitable campaign.

              I see this all the time with advertisers.

              They fall into the common trap of thinking that they will know their targeting, have enough lifetime value to be profitable, and having an overall campaign that’s going to scale.

              So they start with paid ads and launch something before having a proven funnel...

              This results in tons of wasted ad spend and countless iterations of testing to find product market fit.

              But the challenge is that without paid ads, getting a lot of impressions and enough reach with your message can be difficult.

              So marketers go down the path of growth hacking and slow, low yield marketing channels.

              Too many marketers find themselves 

              struggling to get results...

              ⛔️  Spending a lot of time on marketing

              ⛔️  Feeling like you’re not getting anywhere

              ⛔️  No predictable lead flow

              ⛔️  Wasting money on ads

              ⛔️  Poor engagement

              ⛔️  Unclear target audience and segmentation

                Instead of going out on with your own marketing playbook and attempting to approach the market, there’s a much smarter approach that the savvy entrepreneurs are taking.

                This approach helps you leverage influencers in the industry who already have a following and engaged audience.

                Wouldn't it make more sense to just partner with someone and just have them promote your product to their audience?

                And What If You Had A Tribe Of Affiliates Promoting Your Products On Commission...

                ...Without Even Paying Them Up Front?

                How Can Affiliates Help Me 

                Scale My Business?

                Having a tribe of affiliates is one of the smartest ways to promote your product...

                You can think of your affiliates as your “influencers” because they will already have an audience of their own.

                This means that you’ll be able to tap into a source of traffic that’s going to have good engagement and a high probability of buying.

                Unlike ad channels where you need to test a lot of targeting options, your affiliates will already have an authentic following.

                This means that you will get the benefits of nuanced audience segments, without the need to mechanically build ad sets, test targeting options, and find your ideal buyers.

                Also, unlike other marketing channels where you have to invest time and money up front to generate traffic, with affiliates you pay a commission on the backend.

                Here’s essentially how the affiliate marketing model works:

                But Why Not Just Set Up Your 

                Affiliate Program Yourself...?

                What makes an affiliate program successful is not just having the affiliate program set up on your website or in a marketplace...

                You need a strategic approach to designing your affiliates resources and campaign materials that you will provide to your affiliates...

                You also need to have a systematic approach to recruiting the right affiliates who will actually generate revenue for you.

                If you go out and do that on your own, you’ll most likely end up with a poor performing campaign, lousy affiliates, and discouraging results.

                With our strategic playbook, you’re not just going to have an affiliate program…

                …you’re going to have all the components in place to increase your revenue and scale your business.

                That means you’re going to have: 

                🔥  A high converting funnel

                🔥  A new collection of joint-venture marketing assets

                🔥  A tribe of top affiliates in your niche

                Why Affiliate Marketing?

                Are you ready to unlock the most viral growth strategy on the planet?


                  active affiliates you can instantly connect with to promote your offer.


                  in average annual revenue driven from affiliates.


                  time spent on generating your own traffic.


                  average growth in revenue seen within a year.

                  Here’s How We Get You Results…

                  It can be a lot of work to manage your affiliate program and recruit the best affiliates. 

                  We help you set up, manage, and optimize your program to get high quality affiliates and the best ROI with affiliate marketing.

                  We'll work with your marketing team to design and implement all the technology that powers your high converting affiliate program.

                  You'll be able to skip the headaches of Facebook and Google bans, and have excellent content creators driving high quality traffic for you...

                  Here’s a few more reasons why this approach is "just awesome"...

                  ✅  Delegate 100% of your referral program management

                  ✅  Tap into high converting, targeted traffic from a tribe of professional affiliate marketers

                  ✅  Only pay when you make a profit

                  ✅  100% automated affiliate payouts and refunds

                  ✅  Fully compliant with FTC, GDPR, Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, Australian Communications and Media Authority, PCI DSS, SCA

                  When you have affiliates bringing you high quality traffic every month, you'll start seeing results like these... 🔥

                  Introducing... The Vendor's Guide To...

                  Scaling With Affiliates

                  Grow a 7-Figure Consulting or Software Company Online With A Tribe Of Affiliate Marketers And A Single High Converting Marketing Campaign.

                  In this "done-with-you" accelerator program, you'll get to work with our team to build a high converting affiliate program and grow your a tribe of affiliates.

                  You'll get the proven, step-by-step roadmap and tooling for building a growth engine for your business using affiliates.

                  Here's The Roadmap...

                  Week #1:

                  On-boarding & creating your affiliate program

                  ✔️  Set your marketing goals and KPIs so you can track your weekly results

                  ✔️  Review your niche and competition in the top affiliate marketplaces online (JVZoo, Clickbank, Partnerstack, etc.) so you know the best platform to partner with

                  ✔️  Set up your affiliate program and list your offer in your chosen affiliate marketplace

                  ✔️ Create your affiliate registration and joint venture pages with your commission offer, terms and program policies

                  ✔️  Set up your automated partner outreach toolkit for Email, LinkedIn, and Facebook

                  ✔️ Create affiliate links for your offer(s)

                  Week #2:

                  Designing your high converting funnel

                  ✔️ Get clear on your target customer, offer, and funnel strategy so you can increase your conversion rate and make more sales

                  ✔️ Create all the landing pages, email copy, banner ads, and media so you can provide the best marketing resources to your affiliates

                  ✔️ Set up and/or audit your analytics and conversion tracking so you can track affiliate performance

                    Week #3: 

                    Targeting & recruiting high quality affiliates

                    ✔️  Use an arsenal of market research and influencer analytics tooling to find the highest quality affiliates in your niche

                    ✔️ Create your partnership outreach campaign to start recruiting new affiliates

                    ✔️ Design a streamlined affiliate on-boarding experience to set your new affiliates up for success

                    ✔️ Optimize your offer for the affiliate marketplace to get more affiliates coming inbound and joining your affiliate program

                      Week #4: 

                      Managing affiliate launches & performance

                      ✔️ Leverage your tribe of new affiliates to launch your high converting marketing funnel and generate a swarm of targeted traffic

                      ✔️ Manage affiliate relations and handle affiliate links and payouts (while skipping common pitfalls)

                      ✔️ Track and analyze affiliate performance to identify your super affiliates and get them to go viral

                      ✔️ Create lucrative commission incentives and leaderboard promotions so you can keep your tribe of affiliates competing with each other to earn their top spot and prizes

                        Week #5: 

                        Scaling your results with your tribe of affiliates

                        ✔️ Unlock a new level of ROI with funnel upsells and offer conversion optimizations

                        ✔️ Tap into new traffic channels and source affiliates from alternative blogs, forums, social channels, and media channels

                        ✔️ Launch your own advertising campaign targeting your ideal affiliates to scale your recruiting efforts and build a flywheel growth engine

                          And To Accelerate Your Success, 

                          You'll Get Access To These 4 Bonuses...

                          Bonus #1: Weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls (to get extra support and problem solve any questions that you have)

                          Bonus #2: 52 week KPIs tracking worksheet (so you can easily track your weekly affiliate traffic and conversions)

                          Bonus #3: Customer model worksheet (so you know the details of your who your perfect customer is)

                          Bonus #4: High converting VSL script (to convert more leads into customers)

                          And Here's What Our Clients 

                          Are Saying About It...

                          If You're Ready To Unlock The Growth Potential Of Affiliates, Here's Everything You Will Get When You Join...

                          ✅  Week #1: On-boarding & creating your affiliate program

                          ✅  Week #2: Designing your high converting funnel

                          ✅  Week #3: Targeting & recruiting high quality affiliates

                          ✅  Week #4: Managing affiliate launches & performance

                          ✅  Week #5: Scaling your results with your tribe of affiliates

                          ✅  Bonus #1: Weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls

                          ✅  Bonus #2: 52 week KPIs tracking worksheet

                          ✅  Bonus #3: Customer model worksheet

                          ✅  Bonus #4: High converting VSL script

                          At the end of the 5 weeks you will have a fully operational affiliate marketing system installed in your business to scale with...

                          If you decide you want us to continue to manage that for you, so you don't have worry about all the details, we can offer you a monthly management service option to help you keep growing.

                          We can handle everything for you for a simple fixed $1,000 monthly fee + 2% commission on all affiliate sales.


                            Is there a contract?

                            Nope. We bill month-to-month and you can cancel anytime by sending us an email.

                            Who will build and manage the affiliate program?

                            We will work with you and your team to build the affiliate program. We will recommend setting up a dedicated to register and handle all the affiliate tools involved. We can manage your program month-to-month for a fixed fee + 5% commission.

                            How long does it take to get results?

                            While we can't 100% guarantee what your results will be. We recommend giving the campaign a minimum of 3 months to yield an ROI.

                            Do you provide the affiliates or do we need to find them?

                            We do have a growing community of our "super affiliates" who are well trained affiliate marketers in a variety of niches. We source some affiliates through there but also set up a dedicated partner outreach strategy for your company internally.

                            Do you provide KPI reports?

                            You will have access to your internal affiliate manager dashboard where you can access all KPI reporting.

                            What happens after we sign up?

                            Once you complete the sign up process, you will be sent an email with all the details to start on-boarding.